Chamber Dollars - Refers to an accumulated value based on the spend of AUD at Grafton Chamber of Commerce Members.

Member to Member - Both parties must at the time of transactions be financial members of the Grafton Chamber of Commerce.

Keychain - A custom Grafton Chamber of Commerce Keychain which is only supplied to financial members and is stamped with the year of membership.

Member Sticker - A custom sticker which is predominantly displayed at the point of sale or a highly visible area of a shop or business.  Also only supplied to financial members and printed with year of membership.

Initial - The shorthand signature that a shop/business signs on a receipt/paid invoice to prove that a Keychain has been cited during the transaction.



Chamber Dollars are not redeemable for cash or Membership.

A GCC Keychain must be cited during transaction.

Both parties must be financial members of Grafton Chamber of Commerce at time of transaction.

Sighted and Initialed receipts must be scanned/photographed and uploaded above or sent to to be accrued.

Excludes ‘on-going’ service agreements. eg rent, fees.

Members with a balance will be sent monthly statements via email.

All balances are only valid 1st July 2021 - 30 June 2022 and are forfeit thereafter.


Purchasing Limitations 

A maximum of 20 Chamber Dollars can be obtained in a single transaction.

A maximum of 250 Chamber Dollars can be banked at one time.