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After 45 years in private consulting, Keith D Fenn Consulting Pty Ltd was established. Keith’s
experience started in architecture, after 6 years he became interested in structural engineering
being involved in various projects from housing through commercial and industrial buildings to
a 120m microwave tower. In this 18-year period Keith was exposed to many housing
developments and civil engineering projects introducing him to mining for the remainder of his

Keith was involved in the civil and associated fields of engineering for 50 years. The latter 10
years, Keith was involved in Peer reviews, design, management, planning, closure and auditing
of mine waste facilities and their associated structures, both locally and internationally.
Keith was involved in several project design teams for landfill, hazardous and solid waste
disposal sites for commercial and local government. Included in the management of these
facilities, Keith has prepared several emergency action-plans, safety procedures, operations
manuals and long-term planning strategies related to the industry.

Keith’s expertise covers the broad spectrum of civil projects, mining facilities and landfill sites
with reference to operational procedures, management protocols, reviews and audit reporting
of these facilities for various government authorities. He was the design team project manager
for the final closure and rehabilitation, in perpetuity, of a large gold mining facility in
Kalimantan, Indonesia, including all aspects of civil, geotechnical, environmental, mechanical,
hydrological and several other associated engineering disciplines. Keith was also directly
involved with contract management for the project including tender documentation, tender
letting, adjudication, award and construction supervision, project management and support to
the mine management team.

Keith retired to Grafton in 2016.