Achieve anything

Key Employment is dedicated to help people find a job and keep a job. We offer a full range of services from assessment, training and on the job support to ensure our clients get the same wages and employment conditions as workers without disability.

We ensure our clients do satisfying and varied work with opportunities for change, promotion and other development. We offer first class accredited training and we tailor our delivery systems to the needs of the individual.

Our Vision

To provide extraordinary services to people with disability so they get equal opportunities and access to training, jobs, careers, traineeships, apprenticeships and further study.

Key Employment has been finding jobs for people with disability since 1991. In that time we have found more than 2500 jobs for our clients, many of who would not have worked without our support. We have placed over 450 apprentices and trainees and guided over 400 people through accredited courses. We have also arranged over $500,000 in funds for adaptive work equipment for our clients and have an employer database of over 1000 businesses.

Our Mission

To help people with disability and other disadvantages find a job and keep a job. To support them to participate to their fullest potential across the social, cultural and economic life of our communities.


“Achieve Anything”

Ultimately, Key Employment aims to provide excellent quality assessment, training and recruitment services to help people with disability get more skills, better jobs and more respect in the community.