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This year the Awards will be set up for businesses to enter on their own accord.  Similar to the Business Excellence Awards of times gone by, the entrant will have a list of questions in which they must cover in their entry which will then be judged by a independent panel of judges.

Entry this year will involve:

Your Entry - This can be in an essay format, a visual presentation with imagery and text, or in a video format.  As long as the criteria questions are answered.

The Judges Visit - The 2 judges assigned to your entry will make an appointment with you to visit and discuss your entry, this will make up 30% of the judges score.

The Panel - If your entry wins an award on the night, you will be apart of a 8 part panel and will have the opportunity to answer pre-set questions which will be sent to you upon submission of your entry.



  • Pay it Forward - NFP Award

This Award is open only to businesses which are Not For Profit.  Entries in this category are community minded organisations. ​

  • The Visionary - The Innovation Award

This Award showcases businesses who are at the cutting edge of technology or operations, finding new ways to better their business and its activities.​

  • Social Butterfly - Most Socially Active Award

This Award highlights a businesses aptitude for socialising, whether its online or out in the community, this business is known and people love to walkabout it.​

  • Strength to Strength - Adversity Award

This Award gives credit where its due, businesses in this category has worked through adversity to be stronger and more resilient than ever.​

  • Taste of the Town - Hospitality Award

This Award is all about experience and taste, this business is the best at what it does, the best taste, the best service, the best venue.​

  • Retail Revolutionary - Retail Award

This Award highlights the difficultly of retail in small towns, this business has pivoted in such a way to be bigger and better in the retail space regardless of the obstacles.​

  • Business Excellence Award

This Award showcases a business that above all has been excellent in all that they do, this business will have shown proven growth, innovation and community awareness to be simply excellent in their business.​

  • Member's Choice Popularity Award

The Member's Choice will be nominated by the Grafton Chamber of Commerce Members and voted on by our membership.  It could be anyone...



  • Submissions Open - 1 April 2023

  • Submissions Close 30 June 2023

  • Judging - July 2023

  • Spring Gala - 1 September 2023

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